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5 Things I Missed About Home During My Stay In Morocco


     I loved Morocco from the first days I spent there and I enjoyed all the months I spent there but as it is normal, at some point I started to miss some things that I used to enjoy while I was home but I didn’t have access to them in my new home. I am not going to talk about how I missed my family, my friends or my pets because it is obvious that I missed them the most. I am going to talk about, let’s say, the material things that I missed. Everything will be in random order because I missed them almost equally.


     I don’t drink a lot of coffee but I like to enjoy a good Cappuccino, a warm Latte Macchiato or a huge cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte. I love to try coffees with different aromas and to feel the texture of a nice milk foam but this was impossible to do in Fès. There, people usually drink black coffee which still wasn’t the best one I ever tasted. I tried to have some Cappuccinos and Café Lattes but they were, unfortunately, the worst I ever had. They all tasted like the espresso shots were mixed with water and there was no milk foam at all. Ah, and they were almost cold everytime. The only time I had a good coffee was when I visited Casablanca and I stopped by Starbucks. In Fès if I wanted to drink a decent (not good) coffee I was going to the mall, usually to Costa Coffee. These being said, I sticked to instant coffee like 3 in 1 and believe me it still tasted better than the majority I had in coffee places or restaurants.


     Of course I missed some of my favorite foods, especially soups. Even though I tried to cook them by myself they weren’t the same because the basic ingredients tasted different. But this wasn’t the biggest problem I had to face. Maybe the most difficult thing was to find a diversity of vegetarian food. Moroccans are big meat consumers and it is hard to find menus full of vegetarian dishes. I think I don’t need to use more than ten fingers to count all the vegetarian foods I had during my stay there. Long live Adas (lentil soup) and Bissara (dried fava bean soup)!


     Traveling or living abroad usually doesn’t allow you to carry all your favorite things with you. There were moments when I really missed being able to choose between five different shades of the same color of the same shirts or being able to match my shoes color with the outfit and not only to have black and white shoes because they go with everything. I missed having a mascara for volume, one for length, one for curly lashes, an infinite number of lipsticks and a dozen of eyeliners. I know that learning to live with less will make me a stronger and maybe a better person in the end but that doesn’t make me miss owning a big variety of shower gels and perfumes any less.

Quality High-Speed Internet

     It’s a known fact that Romania has one of the fastest internet speeds in the world and I started to be aware of this when I spent two months in Bulgaria. Back then I thought that the Bulgarian internet was slower because I stayed mostly at the countryside but in Fès I learned that the internet in my native country is really good indeed. Don’t get me wrong, for around 20 euros/month I had a really decent internet connection but for the same price in Romania I would have felt like the queen of internet. Most of the times I didn’t have problems for basic google search sessions or scrolling through Facebook but there were times when uploading a photo or watching a movie were a real struggle.

Life after 10 P.M.

     I am not the kind of a party girl but every now and then I enjoy going out on a Friday night. There were clubs in Fès but not a big diversity and I didn’t enjoy my time spent there, it just didn’t feet right. Funny story: there was some kind of a club called Afro Club or something like this (or the party was called Afro something?!) and I was denied access because, I quote, “this is for black people and you are not black”. But as I said I am not a party girl so not being able to go to a club was my least problem. What I really missed while being there was the late night walks and late night coffees/teas/snacks during these walks. It was impossible to enjoy them because first of all it is not so safe to walk on streets during night and second of all there are no coffee shops open later than 10 p.m. or in the best scenario 11 p.m.

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