Doors of Morocco

[EN]: The most common element when it comes to moroccan door styles is represented by the arches, the most used one being the Moorish arch. Also, the doors are often inwrought with delicate metal work or decorated with beautiful carvings or colors. Usually the doors are made of wood but sometimes you can find metalic doors as well. In Fès you will find a big amount of beautiful doors decorated in Zelij (mosaic) technique perfect for being photographed.

[RO]: Cel mai comun element al stilului marocan când vine vorba de decorul ușilor îl reprezintă arcele, cel mai utilizat fiind arcul maur. Totodată, ușile sunt adesea încrustate cu elemente metalice atent lucrate sau decorate prin sculptare sau prin pictare. Cel mai adesea ușile sunt realizate din lemn, însă uneori pot fi și metalice. În Fès veți găsi un număr mare de uși lucrate în tehnica Zelij (mozaic) numai bune pentru a fi fotografiate.


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Take A Risk

     There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to face some choices, some of them difficult, some of them easier. It might be about changing your career, about having a child or moving to a new place, or it can be anything else. All of these are lifechanging factors and just like these ones, there comes another one which is easier do deal with but it will still change the way you see things: travelling alone.
The first step is to have the courage to travel alone. If it is the first time you are doing it you should start planning your trip: book your tickets and your hotel/hostel room and try to make a plan for each day of your staying. Of course you won’t be able to respect everything as you planned but at least the most important things are fixed.

Wandering the world by yourself is like gambling: you can never know if you will win or lose, if it will be good or bad. It is a risk you are willing to take and by that it means you are ready to face the problems that might appear. Even though it can be difficult to travel by yourself and having no friend to accompany you, you will see that you are able to handle things better than you thought you would be. A journey on your own will make you return as a new person: you will feel more independent and confident and you will realize that you are capable of so much more. All of these will make you want to explore the world more and by exploring it you will actually learn new things about yourself.
If it is your first time to travel alone and you don’t want to take a big risk you should choose a destination that is not so far away from your home. You can have a city break in a city close to yours, you can go camping for a couple of days or you can make an itinerary and visit some places close to your hometown which you never visited before.
     Things you shouldn’t forget to take with you: your ID card/ Passport, cash (since there are places where you can’t find an ATM or you can’t pay by credit card), phone charger or external battery, personal hygiene products, pills (especially pain killers), sunscreen, wet wipes, towel. If you know you might get involved in some activities you should also take with you the necessary things for doing them: sports gear, camping equipment.