Archaeological site of Volubilis

   Volubilis was the first thing on the “Must See” list for Morocco. The city is the best-preserved archaeological site in Morocco and was declared a Unesco World Heritage site in 1997. I visited it shortly after I moved to Fes and it was the first real trip I joined. It was a one hour and 20 minutes journey on the highway. The ancient city is situated close to Moulay Idriss, a town in northern Morocco. We arrived there in the afternoon but it was still pretty hot. The entrance fee was 20 dirhams which means around 2 euros so very cheap.



   The first thing we visited was the museum. Before entering it there is a small Lapidarium which is a place where stone monuments such as columns, cornices,  stone epigraphs and tombstones are exhibited. Inside the museum there were some maps to make you understand how the territory occupied by romans looked like. Also there you can see pottery, statuettes, iron fragments, coins and mosaics found during the excavations.



After that we started to visit the site. Volubilis is undoubtedly the most majestic Roman ruin in Morocco, but before the romans installed their camp in first century AD, when Emperor Claudius officially annexed North African Mauritania, a settlement of Carthaginian traders had been there for almost three hundred years. We spent around 1 hour and an half wandering around the ruins and I can confirm that the most amazing features are the city’s many beautiful mosaics preserved in situ.



How to get to Volubilis from Fes: If you are not going by car you can go by bus to Meknes and from there to take other bus or Grand Taxi to Volubilis. It souldn’t cost more than 15 euros.

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