Amsterdam – First impression

   Amsterdam was never on my bucketlist but I am glad I visited it. Even though I think spring would have been a better moment to visit the city, doing it in january was pretty good too.


    I spent eight days there which for me was a little too long but I don’t regret it. First thing I observed when I arrived there was how relaxed people seem,  how friendly were they when I asked for directions and that almost everyone speaks english fluently.


    The city is calm even though there are a lot of turists and the traffic isn’t chaotic. I was surprised by how many bikes I saw even though I knew the dutch people love to ride them. I rented a bike for a few hours and, except the fact that my hands were freezing because I didn’t have gloves, it was perfect: it is very safe to ride bicycle through the city and it is a great way to explore the neighbourhoods if you are new there. As for public transport you can choose between bus, tram, metro and train. I never used the metro and my favorite was the train because it is the fastest but mostly I used the bus. You can buy transportation cards from GVB company which allow you to travel by bus, tram or metro: for four days you have to pay 21,50 € and you can travel as much as you want.


Five random yet interesting facts about Amsterdam:

  1. The canals that go through the city are longer than 100 km
  2. Some say there are more bicycles than people who live in the city
  3. There are approximately 2500 houseboats in Amsterdam; some of them are occupied by residents but some are available for rent to visitors
  4. Amsterdam’s buildings are supported by wooden poles  that sink through the mud and are fixed in a sandy layer
  5. Some people say Amsterdam is home to highest number of nationalities out of any city in Europe

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