Morocco – there is a first for anything

   There are two weeks since I arrived to Morocco and I am still learning to adapt. Fes is my new home and it is considered to be the cultural capital of the country.

   When I arrived here I expected to find a city that looks like the Medina that you can find photos of on the internet. I was a little bit disappointed to see that is not like that, that there are two different parts, Medina quarter and the New City which is nothing like the old one. Even though the city didn’t meet my expectations in the beginning, now I find myself falling in love with Fes everyday. It is an amazing combination between wild and peaceful, conservatory and relaxed, old and new. You can always find new places to explore so it is impossible to get bored but more about that soon.


    Once you arrive one of the first things you will notice is the kindness of the local people. They have the best intentions and they will always try to help you. One thing you should avoid are the so called “illegal guides” whom you can find especially in Medina and who will ask you for money after they help you find the place you were looking for. As a tourist your safety is almost guaranteed here in Fes since tourism is an important income source for the city. Sometimes I feel like the authorities value the tourists more than the fassi people thing which I think it is not really ok: for example it happened that I was walking on the street with moroccan friends and a policeman stopped them and started to ask them several questions just to see if we were friends or if they were bothering me or wanted money from me.


   Everyday I am learning new things about this amazing city and about moroccan and arabic culture so, as I said, I am falling in love with Fes more and more day by day.


4 thoughts on “Morocco – there is a first for anything

  1. Juxtaposition of modern and old architecture has made the city a beautiful and unique one. Looking after the safety of tourists is a good thing on the part of the Government but, as it is said, even too much of any good thing is bad…Lovely pictures indeed… 🙂

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