I chose to travel

   I always loved diversity and the feeling you get when you arrive to a new place. I wanted to travel and I can say with joy and contentment that now I am able to do this more often than before.

    I have always associated travelling with the concept of stairs: the higher you climb, no matter how tired you are, you still want to take an extra step to see more; I would call it an infinite stairway. The beauty of going through this way is that the more places I see, the more I want to see and each time I remember how we are small and how even though sometimes we tend to consider ourselves as the center of the universe, we are only another part of what surrounds us, of what we call life.

   I chose to travel at a time when I could find no place, nor the motivation to continue on the path that I took. I discovered a new passion and also a way to prove myself that daily efforts will be rewarded.

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